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10 Best Mobile Lightroom Presets for Beach Photos in 2021

Optimize and enhance your beach vacation photos with the best beach presets for Lightroom! We are going to share with you the best ocean filters and presets for mobile lightroom that you can download and apply to your sea beach photos.

An average camera just can’t capture the exact minor details for a moment that is special to you. You almost always need to do further editing to make the most of your travel photography experience.

If you don’t want to go through the editing process, then using beach presets is your best option. These Presets help you edit your beach photos without having to spend hours editing photos on professional editing software. You just need to apply the presets on your photos, do minor adjustments and you’ll be good to go!

Below are the 10 best beach presets for lightroom that you need to check out in 2021

This new beach and sea preset is everything you need for bright getaways and a white aesthetic, while keeping that beautiful light teal of the Bahamas ocean. Super crisp and cool.

These 10 SANTORINI SUN presets have been specially designed by social media marketers to increase your engagement and create a cohesive brand image. Instead of getting 10 variations of the same presets you will receive 10 different hand picked presets by our team. Tone variation and a crisp vibe.

Whether you're a social media influencer or just need something extra for your facebook/instagram page these SANTORINI SUN presets are great for anyone who wants to step up their social media game. Instant downloads allow you to easily edit your photos and each specially designed pack by INFLUENCER TOOLKITS means your photos are aesthetically consistent and eye-catching to set the mood of your personal brand.

If you're looking for the ultimate aesthetic then the SANTORINI SUN preset package is perfect for you and your tropical beach dreams.

Santorini Sun Lightroom Preset Pack - Blue, Crisp and Cool

This set of 10 presets by influencer toolkits would be your best choice for bright tan, light blue vacation and travel photo editing needs. You can apply these presets to beach photos and landscape photos. You can use these filters when doing inspirational photography. These mobile Lightroom presets would make your subject stand out from the scene and would help you create an effective dreamy vibe through your photos. Use these filters to add lifestyle tone, specifically crisp blues to your photos, with warm tones to make your tan look even better!

Coconut Beach before and after filter applied

This set of lightroom presets is effective in lowering the over-exposed tones you can get from shooting in direct sunlight especially. It is excellent for wide landscape photos and for bringing out lost blues and tans.

Before and After Caribbean lightroom preset applied

With the CLEAN Lightroom Presets pack, you get 10 mobile presets. You get to create bright and airy aesthetic photo editing effects with these presets. You can apply these filters to your travel images and edit the temperature, exposure, and other settings to bring out your signature bright white look. These presets are highly customizable, and you can play around with different lightroom settings to get the exact kind of look and theme for your photos that you want to see.

example IG feed with Clean preset applied

Bright and bold this summer vacation preset pack is perfect for just the added extra of reds and yellows to get a beautiful vibrant vibe

SUMMER VACATION Presets give you a collection of 10 presets that you can use on portrait photos and landscape scenes. There is a wide range of styles that you can choose from to edit your travel portrait photos. You can adjust the colors and brightness levels to make your travel and beach vacation photos come to life.

Before and after summer vacation preset is applied

For all those sunset beach photos this set of 10 SUNSET lightroom presets are perfect for you. Sunset presets are hard to achieve but we have 10 presets that can help you get that aesthetic filter without hassle. Achieve the ultimate Sunset on the beach photos!

Before and After Sunset Lightroom preset is applied

The SELFIE preset pack is a natural way to edit your photos without wrecking the composition. If you’re going for a super subtle vibe for an unfiltered look while adding that touch of luxe that is amazing for beach vacations and bikini shoots these presets are great for you.

Before and after selfie preset is applied

This LOS ANGELES preset pack is perfect for sunset vibes and beach photos. This pack is also great for nighttime and brings out the teal and orange vibrant aesthetic instagram theme.

Los Angeles Preset before and after being applied

Want to try a lot of presets in one go to see what’s best for you? Then check out our 100 PRESET bundle!

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