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Maintaining your influence as an Instagram influencer can be difficult. Quality posts with enticing eye-catching imagery are expected from your followers. You must first determine what each post should portray, then take or obtain relevant images or videos, and then write appropriate text to accompany them. To attract new users to your pots, you must choose the best hashtags.

You'll be on the lookout for new followers all the time, and you'll want to figure out what they like and hate. You examine post-analytics carefully to determine what succeeded and what didn't. With so many tasks to complete, good Instagram influencer resources will make your life so much easier.

You may use a variety of resources to assist with Instagram account management, some of which are charged and others that are free. We've compiled a list of ten that will help you get more done in less time and make your Instagramming flow more manageable. They will also assist in providing proof of your work's efficacy to any brands interested in endorsing you.


Canva is a fantastic interactive tool that makes design simple for even the most “graphically challenged” people. You can create eye-catching graphics for your Instagram posts in a matter of minutes.

Drag-and-drop interface, various pre-configured layouts, fonts, and a multitude of sample photographs and illustrations are all included. For just $1, you can get access to a lot of copyrighted graphics.

Canva is an excellent tool for cropping, enhancing, straightening, and editing images. It enables you to quickly add text to photos as well as generate thinking or speech bubbles.

It includes thousands of templates for a variety of purposes, including templates for creating social media posts and resizing to repurpose content.

We pay the subscription fee but there are a tonne of free resources.


An amazing scheduling app that let's you post straight to instagram automatically. It is a paid subscription so don't buy it until you can afford it BUT the app Later let's you schedule posts up to 100 times a month for free, this is more than enough for the standard Instagram page. You can add comments, tags, caption and location in the paid version (some feautres aren't in the for free)


An adobe app that is absolutely FREE. To create an aesthetic and cohesive feed you need this app. Using presets like ours, you can edit your photo in one mood/ theme and keep your insta looking amazing!


An amazing free picture website suitable for commercial use under CC licensing. Use them on your social media templates, website, and blogs. They're high quality and you can save your favourites!


A free app to preview your content (later also does this for free so it's personal preference) that allows you to see a preview of your content. Basically, you create a mock Instagram feed with images so you can prepare the aesthetic of your feed. It's a perfect alternative to Planoly, but it doesn't publish automatically.


Offers aesthetic and cute story templates that are super easy to design and incorporate into your theme


More video story templates that are great for businesses promoting products and or sales. Some are free, some are paid but if you want to use these often then it is definitely worth it investing in the subscription


It's a time-tracking app that's ideal for someone who works from home and needs to submit their hours to their boss. This software can also be used to keep track of your productivity. I use this app to monitor how much time we spend creating content.


With a variety of ways to edit and enhance your clips, Inshot will help you boost the quality of your Instagram Stories.

You can cut your video into the Instagram Stories-required short segments. If you want a slowed down or sped up effect, you can combine videos and change the speed.

Inshot allows you to add music to your videos and has a variety of fun sound effects. If your storey requires it, you can include a voiceover. You can also use timeline features to sync sound and video.

You can rotate and flip your images and videos with Inshot. It also adds emoji and photo/video filters to regular Instagram Stories features.


For tackling big and small projects and letting you see the whole picture, trello is a game-changer. Trello's boards, lists, and cards make it easy to coordinate and prioritise your tasks in a way that's enjoyable, versatile, and satisfying.


Slack is a chat app that's ideal for someone who needs to connect with a group. You can use it to manage your conversations, as well as incorporate applications like Google Drive and others!

12) LINKTR.EE (or use Later's built in link free system)

“You just get one chance to connect in Instagram,” according to the home page.   The only place you can put a link on Instagram is in your profile, with the exception of some Instagram Stories. This restricts your marketing options.

As a result, it makes sense to make the best use of your bio link. When you use, your bio link directs your followers to a special screen with a variety of link options.

You have complete control over the appearance of your link screen. All you have to do is paste in new URLs as required, then drag and drop them into the desired order.

You can have an infinite number of links in your link tree with the free edition. The cumulative number of times each connection has been clicked can be seen.

The Pro edition, which costs $6 per month and allows you to customise your connect buttons, boost your analytics, and do a lot more, is available for $6 per month. You can also use your Facebook Pixel ID to retarget your guests on Facebook and Instagram.


These are amazing quick apps that save directly and automatically online. You need to start backing up automatically!! We use docs especially for quick notes and planning.

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