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Avoid Posting This on Instagram As A Creator Or Brand

Hi Friends,

So Alice and I have been on Instagram for a while (@influencertoolkit) and we know all the tips and tricks of 1) how to make your page a success as well as 2) how brands can sometimes exploit influencers into ruining their credibility and authority on Instagram through sponsored posts. We want to help you today know what to post and what not to post on your account to make your page ready for those followers!

Ratio of sponsored posts to ad posts

Have you ever visited someone's Instagram account just to leave quickly because their feed was riddled with #ads and #sponsoredposts? We've all been there, I believe. And don't misinterpret me. There is a distinction to be made between labeling the brands you're sporting in the picture versus using a caption to maximise brand awareness. How do you ask people to trust you if every single post is a sponsored or gifted post? People want content not 24/7 ads?

A brand needs to know that when you post their brand, people will actually pay attention. Aside from the fact that your viewers will not like a lot of advertising on your website or page, a brand wants to know that people will actually pay attention and engage when you go to publish that post or story. Since there is a lot of competition for space and features on a blogger/ influencer's page take your time creating your brand and only partner with brands you really care about. It'll be worth it! 

When a company is looking for a blogger or influencer to partner with, the person in charge of the collaboration looks at your profile to see if you'd be a good candidate. However, you should profile the brand to ensure that it is a good match for your personal brand too.

You should not accept every deal that comes your way, so if you're receiving a lot of attention from advertisers, make sure your sponsored post material is spaced out and worth while. Here are few suggestions:

Spread funded content around your feed as far as possible. One funded post for every four daily posts, for example.

In between gifted or sponsored posts or advertisements, show off who you truly are and engage with your incredible audience.

Serve, serve, serve, and then offer. Your viewer does not want to feel exploited by being bombarded with advertisements by you every day! Offer them any pointers or ideas to help them reconnect with you.

This also relates to brands as well, you should be providing value as well as product promotion! Don't push your product 24/7. People love freebies.

What you should do:


You must first prove who you are online before you can collaborate with brands. Putting yourself out there for people to interact with is the first step in developing your own personal brand. Is it possible to know who you are as an individual simply by looking at a couple of your photos? 

When a brand comes across your account, they'll look and see how your style matches that of their target market. As a result, you should refrain from sharing too many sponsored posts and advertisements because they detract from your identity and the chances you have to show them who you are.

As a result, make sure you're still displaying YOURSELF. People often ask why advertisers don't want to partner with them, but their Instagram feeds are full of food photos and random quotations. Post a picture of yourself at least once a week.


Brands also want to know if you have any creative style. As someone who has focused on marketing as both the brand and the influencer, I know that this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a blogger or influencer. The brand needs to know that they'll be able to use your material, so think outside the box!

Experiment with different techniques, angles, and photo editing to see what works best for you. Do remember to act as though you're a brand, making it as consistent as possible.

Remember that you don't need a lot of followers to be innovative on Instagram. In reality, you don't need any supporters. What you have to do is add value.

 Anyone will collaborate with companies in today's overly crowded influencer culture so if the proper steps are taken to create their own personal brand first you can easily stand out from the crowd.

It can be enticing at first to embrace any brand deal or bid you get, but remember to keep your audience in mind and remain consistent. Don't lose sight of the fact that being an ad platform will switch off both the viewers and brands. Keep true to yourself and your brand instead; you'll be shocked how far you can go.

All the best and head over to our Instagram to get involved in the conversation!

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