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What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an Internet fashion aesthetic that promotes an idealised rural life and emerged in the 2010s before being named on Tumblr in 2018. It has been identified as a Generation Z subculture by some outlets.

You're not alone if you've noticed a steady trickle—or even a deluge—of images of nostalgic countryside scenes and peasant dresses with eyelet lace appearing in your social media feeds: Cottagecore is a growing trend that harkens back to agricultural life, skills, and crafts.

“As a concept, it embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature. Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic” - Architectural Digest

How does our Cottage lightroom preset pack help?

At Influencer Toolkits, we have recreated this vibe but in lightroom presets to help you achieve that romantic cottage life on the go.

With just a few taps, you can make a smooth and soft touch to improve your skin tone and make your look clearer, cleaner, and fabulous. These effects have been meticulously created to assist both amateur and skilled photographers in achieving consistent and identifiable individuality, elegance, and style.

The pack is well-balanced, with a diverse range of settings for indoor and outdoor photography. Additionally, you can use these presets to edit wedding, portrait, fashion, travel, architecture, and lifestyle images.

As you can see it brings a beautiful pastel spring vibe to your photos and is aesthetic to this rural core type feed.

It's critical to offer beginner photographers something useful when it comes to professionally editing images and improving their online presence, in order to attract more followers.

So, whether you're a writer, influencer, photographer, or someone looking for perfect editing to look perfect in your Instagram feed, the Cottage Core mobile presets are a great option.

Give your photos a soft and smooth touch

The Cottage Core mobile presets is designed to give you the most popular looks right now on social media and particularly on blogs and Instagram.

After all, it's easy to use thanks to its great features and flexible adjustability to allow you to make your photos perfectly suit your needs.

You can also use it to give your images a vivid, natural look that keeps them elegant and beautiful. It gives your images an elegant lighting effect without the use of harsh tones or a rough appearance. The photographs have been edited to have a warm and welcoming appearance.

Look undeniably stylish on Instagram

These Rural Core mobile presets are for you if you're an involved social media user who uses your phone to increase your followers and make your personality matchlessly engaging.

The presets have various features that allow you to make each of your images look exactly like you want them to. To get your images transformed with the cottagecore mobile presets, you're just a few clicks away. Be it a cozy, warm, bright, or light look, the CottageCore presets can help.

How it works?

  • To get started with professional editing, go to your mobile app store and download the Lightroom application. It's a simple step.

  • The CottageCore mobile presets will be emailed to you once you've completed your purchase. Simply download and send these presets to your phone. However, if you don't have access to Desktop, you can download them straight into your phone and unzip the preset folder.

  • Create a lightroom mobile app and create a new album and name anything.

  • The next thing to do is to add the image and enjoy editing using the professional adjustments provided in the presets.

  • It's simple and easy, and you scroll and tap on each preset and try out which one works best for your photo such that you achieve the expected results for your photos.

Don't wait to give your photos an enhanced look

The Cottage Core mobile presets are all you'll need to give your pictures the perfect look. The custom presets that make your photos pop have already been mentioned.

These Cottage Core mobile presets are one-click filters that instantly transform your photos using just your phone. Everything you need to do now is download the Lightroom app and you'll be up and running in no time.

These presets are perfect for beginners as well as professional photographers looking for a convenient way to make their photos appear perfect. So, don't wait and edit your photos without wasting tons of time and energy now!

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