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How to boost your social media following without buying followers

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Boosting your social media sometimes feels impossible. You watch others you know reach thousands of followers almost instantly and every thing you do seems futile. The first thing to do is not to be fooled. Many of these accounts may have paid for a following resulting in a sudden influx of followers; although this looks good, it actually harms your brand and your engagement. You aren’t getting followers engaging in your content, you are just buying numbers. This is especially detrimental if you are a business- these ‘fake’ followers are not going to purchase any of your products as they are computers or inactive accounts. We are going to share 5 ways to boost your social media to being you a bigger audience to your brand or business.

Remember- it’s all about reach. Don’t get frustrated that no one is seeing your page and your follow count doesn’t change when no one knows you exist. These 5 ways to boost your social media will help put you on the internet map.


Regular posting and knowing your audience

One way to make people notice you, particularly on Instagram, is to regularly post. This isn’t just posting once a day at random times, although this is better than nothing. You should post at regular times. It is also important to know who your audience is. If you’re selling a product and your main clientele is in America but you’re based in the UK make sure you’re posting at peak US times. To help you stay consistent you can use apps such as Later to schedule posts for you.


Try and build an aesthetic

Building an aesthetic within your brand will make your page look more cohesive, consistent and professional. Try and make your photos look like they have an overall style to them. One way you can do this is by filtering your pictures in the same way. For a very affordable price you can purchase specially designed preset packages to fit a certain look- click the link here for more- By making your photos look more uniform it will not only build your brand but bring you more SEO.

Influencer Toolkits provide not only preset packages but other tools such as Instagram story highlights. This is another tool to build your aesthetic which is sometimes overlooked. Having consistent story highlights which fit with your image make your brand seamless and professional.


Hashtags and how to use them

Hashtags have been around for a while now and most people know about how useful they are in bringing traffic to your page. However, it is important to use hashtags correctly. Time spent researching your hashtags will help to categorise similar content and direct similar people to your page. This will bring more and better engagement to your account as it makes you more discoverable. Again, this is particularly important when building a business and trying to sell items- you want to reach an audience looking for your products. Try and build a collection of hashtags that relate to your brand or product.

It’s important to use hashtags in EVERY post. Posts that use these gain a 12.6% increase in engagement than ones that don’t and gaining followers is all about engagement and gaining SEO. Comparing hashtags of successful competitors is another way to see which hashtags work the best.

It’s important not to over hashtag and although many social networks allow more hashtags we have compiled the optimum amount of hashtags.

Instagram: 11 (allows 30)

Facebook: 1 (over 6 sees engagement fall)

Twitter: 2 (engagement falls dramatically after 2)



Creating engaging content for audience retention

It is vital that your content is the best you can make it.

Photos. Investing time and money into creating ultimate photos is ideal but nowadays it is possible to do this yourself, hence the every growing influencers to cross our social media platforms. If you have the money then definitely get photos of yourself taken but most smart phones have good enough cameras that as long as you have a friend who knows your angles then you should be ok. If you are a business definitely try and take your own photos over using stock ones.

Search for trends. This can included dance trends, challenge trends or even hashtag trends. Search for the most used hashtags and google for popular visual trends.

Tagging. Tagging brands and other influencers only brings you more SEO to your brand. Tag them in your socials and make sure if you are quoting them you credit them.

Social Media Tools. Help yourself out - you are ultimately investing in yourself as a brand or a business. Look for social media tools that might help your pages - presets, PNG overlays, instagram story tools, YouTube editing tools. There are many affordable sights that offer these already made


Utilising all features to maximise reach

Social media offers you so many platforms to drive your brand or business. By having a cohesive image you can then set up multiple social media platforms and gain a likeminded following.

Instagram, for example not only allows you to post its new feature of reels allows you to reach a wider audience. Reels show up at the top of explore and my clicking on this allows people to scroll through multiple.

Everyone knows about stories on Facebook and Instagram but are you utilising these as much as you should be? Share your latest posts to your stories and include gifs for bigger engagement. Using consistent and similarly styled gifs additionally helps build your brand - search in instagram stories ‘InfluencerToolkits’ for our free gifs.


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