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How to install DNG preset files into Desktop Lightroom

How to use mobile DNG Presets on Lightroom Desktop

Some people think you cannot use mobile presets on your desktop, fun fact: That’s wrong. Did you buy DNG Mobile Lightroom Presets and do you want to use them on your desktop? No problem! We will tell you how to do it.

Of course, it’s faster to buy a desktop version of Lightroom Presets and upload XMP files, but you can still use DNG presets on your desktop version from Adobe Lightroom. It works the same as for Lightroom mobile, here is how:

* If you have a yearly or monthly subscription for Adobe Lightroom on your desktop, than you can sync your Lightroom App with your Desktop and automatically share the presets from your mobile to your desktop.

Step 1: Import DNG Files into Lightroom

First, you have to import the DNG FILES into Lightroom. This process is the same as how you would normally import new photos and folders. If you don’t know how, please follow these steps:

Library > Folders > Add folder > Import

Step 2: Create Preset – Lightroom Desktop

Go to the folder you imported and go to DEVELOP. When you open the first DNG FILE from the folder you have imported by step 1, in the develop section, you will see image settings in the right corner. From these settings you have to create a new preset, to use this preset in the future.

Go to the + next to Presets on the left side in the develop section. And click ‘CREATE PRESET’. Set the name for the preset and save. You don’t have to change the settings in this window. Now you have imported 1 DNG Preset into the desktop version of Lightroom. You can now find the presets in the develop section under ‘USER PRESETS’.

These are the steps you have to take for every other DNG Preset you have purchased.

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