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How To Pose: Posing Tips (You Don't Have To Show Your Face)

Let's face it, everyone enjoys a great photo of themselves. There doesn't have to be a reason to want someone to take a picture of you, whether you're travelling in Greece, visiting a new part of the City, or just enjoying your outfit of the day. It's 2021. We're all engrossed in our own selves at least a little bit. At this stage, it doesn't matter. In this post, I'll discuss how to pose for photos for your Instagram and other social media!

It's the actual worst when you actually summon the nerve to strike a cute pose in the middle of the driveway or road only to find that you have no idea what you're doing and, instead of dwelling on the dope shot you're about to take, you're staring into the souls of passers-by wondering how you got there.


My Number 1 hack to getting the best out of your photo shoot is to have confidence or fake it till you make it! It makes the whole mood of your photo change and will end up helping your engagement and following. People want positivity.

Tip #1: Take up as much of the screen as possible

Consider yourself as the art inside a museum's picture frame. You don't want to be stood there taking up the smallest amount of room available or you'll appear small and insignificant in the shot. Instead, imitate this sense of strength and strength by using your arms, legs, and body to take up as much room around you as possible while being aesthetically appealing. You are the subject of the photo so make sure you're acting like it!  Separating your limbs from your body will result in a stronger posture and image in the end.

Tip #2 on How to Pose: Shift Your Weight

Have a lot of fun with this one! Shift your weight forward to seem enthusiastic, as though you're approaching the camera, or shift your weight to the left to seem "effortless" and carefree. Make sure your core is engaged and your shoulders are pulled back so you don't end up flopping about like a dead fish. It's similar to this:

Posing Tip #3: Determine Your Angles

Assess yourself in the mirror to see if you have a favourite "side" or like images taken straight on. If you aren't very curvy, standing on one hip will add texture to the side of the body, creating the illusion of curves. Personally, I think it's safest to shift the body to the side at around a 45 degree angle. However, I believe the best advice is to imagine a picture you want to replicate and consider the angles in that shot. How can you use your body to build identical angles and get the same vibe?

The same can be said for sitting poses.

4. Tip #4: Incorporate movement into the poses.

Some of the strongest photos have movement in them. It is more fun to look at from the outside while still giving an inside look at your persona. Static portraits, though more styled, don't really highlight who you are or reflect your character, in my opinion. By turning in a circle, looking over your shoulder as you walk (slowly), or even doing a little dance, you can create a cool, movement shot. You'll always feel like a freak while trying it, but the least that can happen is that you'll get an epic candid shot out of it. Don't be scared to be out of the ordinary and/or laugh and enjoy taking them!


No Face Posing Tips: Selfies for shy people (ways to take a self-portrait without showing your face)

  1. Accessories can be as impactful as an entire body shot like the image below.

2. Using props effectively

Using props to hide your identity is a smart way to do so. Depending on the prop you use, they will add a styled aspect to your image, as well as help create a story and display some of your personality. When you're getting your picture taken, it also makes you feel less exposed and vulnerable because you're keeping something hidden. You can use a variety of props, ranging from phones to a coffee cup; here's some inspiration!

3. The classic mask shot

Easily hide your face with an on topic and current issue: mask wearing like best dressed does below.

4.Pet pose

Use your little furbaby to cover your face!

5. Turn Away

Turn away from the camera.

The way you stand in front of the camera will help you show yourself to the audience without giving away too much information. Turning your back to the camera, possibly to a view or scene, implies a reflective moment that you invite the audience to join in and interact in, unlike in the theatre. 

Let us know what poses you like in the comments and as always follow us on Instagram for updates and freebies!


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