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Social Media Burnout- the aspiring influencer

Are you receiving that message on your phone- Screen Time *some ridiculous amount of hours*? Guaranteed you are not the only one. Building a brand as an influencer, especially in a pandemic, can involve a painstaking amount of hours on screen. Taking photos, editing photos, posting photos, sharing, commenting, tagging, messaging and promoting; all just a few things involved in the aspiring influencers life.

It can be hard when you don’t have a team of 50 doing all the hard leg work for you! This is why we need to talk more about social media burnout and the effects it has on people.

It is so important to take time away from screens but sometimes it’s hard, especially when you’re an aspiring influencer. Even when you’re not working on your brand or image, do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through feeds? Do you sometimes lose motivation for your own brand? Again, social media burnout. Granted you have to spend a lot of time on your screen, it is your job, but it is important to help yourself where you can so that you don’t reach burnout.

Things you can do:

1:.Spend less time on screens when it isn’t necessary. Stick to work and limit your leisure social media hours. You can do this by creating timeouts on your phone.

2. Anything you can do off the screen, do it! This involves marketing strategies, marketing ideas, business plan templates, instagram ideas! Brain storm ideas on paper and more often than not it’ll help your creativity flow.

3. Take regular breaks from screens. Sometimes screen time is unavoidable- try and take regular breaks. Schedule time for exercise, go for a walk or a run. Try and be off your phone before you go to sleep - try and read book.

4. Blue Light Glasses. Invest

5. Help yourself. Invest in ready made tools. Affordable designed PNG overlays, story stickers, story highlights and Lightroom presets can help build your brand with 100% less effort and 100% more effectiveness, all available

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