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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Instagram Story Filters List for 2021

If you’re wondering what Instagram Story filters everyone uses, keep scrolling.

I’m going to share the list of all the most popular Insta Story filters right now.

Most of those are boho, retro, vintage Insta Story filters, and face filters.


Let’s go:

Instagram Story Filter #1. Vintage Pink

vintage pink instagram story filter

This is one of the most popular Insta Story filters. It’s a beautifully clean, crisp, and retro Insta Story filter, with a little retro pink to create a vintage effect.

Instagram Story Filter #2. Coconut Beach

Inspired by the bestselling preset pack of coconut beach, this filter brings your holiday photos to life with a bright, teal and tan filter.

Instagram Story Filter #3. VHS Glitch Frame

This filter is a vintage Insta Story filter that has VHS vibes and polaroid marks on the screen. It doesn’t have any moving dust on the screen. It has grain on the screen. So it makes your Insta Story look like an old photo or video. The timer also plays along with the time when you're recording.

Instagram Story Filter #4. Day + Time Frame

This one incorporates a dynamic day and time overlay plus an aesthetic frame. This is a popular filter for those going about their day and using on the go for easy story content.

Instagram Story Filter #5. Minimal Day + Date

This filter has 3 options plus a slider for intensity of the filter. It also has a really minimal day and date at the top right corner to provide an elegant natural story. It also means you can get lots of different photo vibes from this one instagram story filter

Instagram Story Filter #6. No Filter

This filter is a little bright and warm for that no filter filter look. It just makes the scene look better without retouching. It is natural and perfect for selfies.

Instagram Story Filter #7. Travel Blogger

This is an awesome filter for summer too. Perfect for beach, ocean, and sunny places. Or if you simply want a fun, colorful Insta Story effect. It is bright and vibrant.

Instagram Story Filter #8. Cool Tan

Cool Tan, is white and tan, this is one of the most popular Instagram story filters available and is bright, white and crisp. It isn't a warm filter at all which is good if you have a white aesthetic. It is quite minimalist and pretty and perfect for vacation pics too as well as selfies.

Instagram Story Filter #9. Sunset Sparkle

This is a very colorful Insta Story filter.

If it is summer where you are, or you are on holiday, and you want your Insta Stories to POP, this is the filter. It also has a beautiful glitter effect (perfect for jewelry, makeup and fashion Stories).

Instagram Story Filter #10. Vintage Grain

This one looks like an old film. It has a lot of dust flying on the screen. It makes your screen very tanned / pink. It is a very vintage effect.

Instagram Story Filter #11. Bright and Airy

This is what it says on the tin! Bright and Airy. This is quite a warm filter, but is super bright and is great for food, product and fashion photography.

Instagram Story Filter #12. Caribbean Preset

This is a maldives, caribbean preset filter. Inspired by the Caribbean preset by influencertoolkits.

Instagram Story Filter #13. Lavender Mood

This is a unique story filter, it is a lavender tones that turns purples brighter and lighter. It is super dreamy and perfect for cottage core aesthetics (also see vintage pink)

How to get more Insta Story filters?

Here’s how to search for more Insta Story filters:

  • Open a filter

  • Press on the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen

  • Select “Browse Effects”

Even more Instagram Story filters

There are a ton more filters inside of @influencertoolkit instagram but if you want complete control then definitely shop the lightroom presets for mobile. This means you can use them in feed!

That’s it!

Have fun editing your Insta Stories!

I’ll keep adding new Insta Story filters to the list.

Until next time, see you on Instagram ?

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