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Using Clubhouse To Skyrocket Your Social Media Career

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Clubhouse is establishing itself as an innovative engagement platform for your company or brand, one invite at a time. While it is exclusive at the moment to invite-only, even if you haven't got a link yet don't despair we've got your back. Start thinking about how you'll market yourself now so that when the time comes, you'll be ready to go!

The famous audio-only app offers an array of opportunities to create community, engage with audiences, and establish yourself as an industry expert. Are you ready to join the Clubhouse fun? This is one discussion you'll want to listen in on while we discuss four ways to build an engaging marketing strategy. Brands and designers will use Clubhouse to reach out to new markets and develop relationships.

Here are four ways to maximize your social media growth if you plan to use Clubhouse marketing in your brand strategy:

  • Enhance Your Company's Clubhouse Bio

  • Participate in Industry-Related Rooms and Discussions

  • Create a room that caters to your specific industry niche.

  • Collaborate with market leaders in that industry to reach new audiences

#1: Make sure your Clubhouse Bio is fully optimised and ready to reach

Since the first three lines of your Clubhouse bio are shown in the profile preview, it's a smart idea to make a strong first impression.

In layman's terms? Have it crystal clear who you are and what you do. Describe how you can assist other Clubhouse guests.

Make your profile as descriptive and entertaining as possible beyond the first three lines by including related accolades, social evidence, and media mentions.

It's also a smart idea to use important keywords to improve the odds of being on Clubhouse's explore page.

#2: Participate in Industry-Related Rooms and Discussions

When it comes to Clubhouse, speaking up is simply the way forward. It's also the most straightforward way to achieve visibility and raise brand recognition. If you're trusted enough to be on stage then you can get their attention quickly and easily with the right strategy

Enter rooms that are important to your business and use the stage to your benefit by being involved. However, speaking for the sake of being heard is not a good idea. You must have some insightful topics to talk about otherwise you're just another listener. You need to be a leader here.

Raise your voice, participate in group meetings, and spot yourself as a business leader to bring insight to conversations.

TIP: While it might be enticing to enter rooms with tens of thousands of members, smaller rooms are a better option as you have much more of a chance to have the stage and to be able to push yourself out there!

#3: Create an Industry-Related Space.

Create a room in Clubhouse and get rid of your stage fright one convo at a time. This is the perfect opportunity to be able to publically speak without the pressure of face to face events and is great for starting out. Especially in pandemic times.

You will reach out to the target demographic by moderating a room outside of the boardroom. It provides a safe environment for people to speak openly and gain useful perspectives in real-time.

If you want to get some suggestions on your new product? Start by hosting a room, asking questions, and taking notes.

On Clubhouse, here's how to start a room:

To begin, go to your “hallway” and tap the “+ Start a Room” button at the bottom of the page.

To name your room, select "+Add a Topic" (in 60 characters or less.)

Following that, you'll be given three room choices to pick from:

The term “open” refers to anything that is available to the general public.

“Social,” which is only available to users you follow, and “Closed,” which is only available to users you want.

Then press "Let's go."

#4: Work with industry leaders to reach out to new audiences

Two voices are stronger than one when it comes to Clubhouse.

The best part about Clubhouse is how simple it is to co-host a club or room with other experts in your profession.

You will utilize their following and target a community that is already interested in your niche by collaborating with related brands and creators.

Here's a list of rooms you might like to create!

Share something that motivates or encourages you.

Organize a Q&A session with the audience.

Share a customer testimonial or a result from one of the clients.

Interview a colleague in the industry.

Teach a brief class on a topic that is important to your business.

Discuss the advantages of one of your goods or services.

Discuss the inner workings of the business.

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