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Why are Presets so Expensive?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Lightroom Presets have totally transformed the way people edit their images. They used to have someone professionally edit them, but now you can do it yourself with the click of a button. You won't need to employ skilled photo editing services if you use these presets; simply download a preset that you think will work with your images and apply it to your photos in an instant. It is as easy as that! Lightroom presets, when used correctly, will help you create aesthetic and professional edits for your images without the hassle of starting from scratch.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Lightroom presets available online. This article is for you if you're unsure about using these presets or paying for the premium ones.

We are going to delve into what paid presets are and why are they so expensive.

What is Paid Presets? Adobe Lightroom Presets are ready-made filters that anyone who wants to edit their photos can download from any online source and use for social media and blog images, among other things. YouTube stars, Instagram influencers, and photographers are selling their personalized presets so that everyone can get the same look and feel for their images as the celebrities that they are following. These are usually not the best buy however as normally you're not getting the full picture of their editing secrets.

Why are Paid Presets so expensive?

  • You are Buying Professional Photo Editing Value

Paid presets are sold by professional photo editors. With these presets, you get your hands on the editing secrets that these professionals use to edit their photos.

Even if you aren't a pro at photo editing, you can learn a thing or two from the way these experts do their work. You can also use their presets to edit your images if you don't want to get technical. The bottom line is that photo editors are selling their editing secrets, and those who buy them are free to use the presets in whatever way they see fit. This is the primary reason why Lightroom Presets are so expensive.

  • Presets Help Beginners Understand Colour and Composition

If you are just starting with your journey as a photo editor, you can pump up the pace of your progress by using Lightroom presets. This preset makes your job easier by allowing you to easily edit the photos for yourself as well as for your clients while learning what makes the preset work.

Learning photo editing techniques has a lot to do with the photo editor's intuitive edge. However, there are times when you just can't seem to find the motivation to edit a picture. Presets are useful in this situation. You will learn how the editor made a purchased Lightroom preset by unpacking the editing process of that preset and the knowledge you gain from it by unpacking the editing process of a purchased Lightroom preset you can then use that to edit your photos. This is the amazing thing that you can get with Lightroom presets.

  • Presets Help Save Time

The ultimate goal of Lightroom presets is to help you save time. Though editing photos manually is really fun and gives you complete control over the editing experience, things can get quite daunting when you have to edit hundreds of photos. Manually editing a photo can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Whereas Lightroom presets only take 10 seconds to edit.

You can use different Lightroom presets and apply them to your images to instantly edit the photos. Professional Photo editors can save a lot of time using Lightroom Presets for editing bulk Photo Editing orders.

  • They Help you Create Your Own Instagram Aesthetic

Even if you don't want to learn how to edit photos, Lightroom presets will help you achieve the desired look. Thousands of presets are available, with the majority of them being easily customizable. You should try out these presets for yourself and see which one better fits your preferences. If you decide to take a photo editing course, it will cost you a significant amount of money and time. And it's perfectly good if you want to go for it. However, for those who do not want to learn the ins and outs of professional photo editing, Lightroom presets are the best option. Are Paid Presets Worth it? It depends on the kind of Presets you are using. You need to choose the ones that would look the best for your photos. If you go for presets that don’t complement the aesthetics of your unedited photo, you won’t get the kind of results that you are looking for. This is a tricky thing to do because you have to try out many different presets to find the ones that work for you. This is the reason why Lightroom presets are considered to be so expensive. So, if you know a little bit about how presets work and how you can edit them, Lightroom presets would be worth it.

Can I get free presets?

Yes you can! We offer a free preset here to help you get a sense of lightroom presets without spending any money!

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