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Coconut Beach Preset Pack

Photoshop is one of the most popular resources used by web and graphic designers on a daily basis. Photoshop is extremely effective for designing and photo manipulation, but Adobe still offers Lightroom, which can be used for photo processing, editing, and image organizing.

You probably deal with a variety of photographs as a designer, including those produced by customers, bought stock photos, free stock photos, and maybe even your own. Since designers deal with too many images, and many of them are also photography enthusiasts, Lightroom has grown in popularity outside of the realm of professional photographers.

This Preset is one of our favourites and it is like the filters that celebrities use on their Instagram! Coconut Beach is perfect for those who want to make their beach photos pop or their tropical getaways look more aesthetic.

Vacation in the Summer with ease

This Summer Beach Preset Pack is built to help you get the warm sun, cold waves, and soothing breeze back into your pictures, whether you're a world traveller or just treated yourself to a much-needed holiday! 

Color with a hint of sun

Our Beach Lightroom Presets will brighten your pictures, add contrast, keep skin tones warm and realistic, and add deep teal blues to the shadows and midtones, making them perfect for travel and holiday photos.

Colouring with precision

Any Lightroom Presets automatically apply colours to a whole picture without taking into account highlights, mid tones, shadows, or other colours. Our Coconut Beach Preset Pack will intelligently shield your photographs from undesirable results and leave you with beautiful mobile results!

Tones of Natural Skin

The use of blues and greens in skin tones will make people seem unnatural. For spectacular colour and contrast, enhance the natural reds and oranges in skin tones while applying blues to the shadows.

Preset Pack for the Beach

Our Beach Lightroom Presets were created to bring out the vibrant colours seen on sunny beaches and along the coast. Warm beaches, clear waters, and tanned skin.

Completely customizable

Are you about to experiment with your own looks? Use our presets as a start, then play around with the controls to build a look that's all your own.

Unique Feeds

Designed by us, our presets will provide powerful looks with polished results–and all in just a few clicks!

Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile

Our Preset Packs are designed to work with Lightroom Mobile and any version of Lightroom Classic. No matter what you use to create great images, our presets can help!

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