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New York Mobile Presets are a perfect way to give your photos of New York City a dramatic look and bright colours with pretty and eye-catching tones. The presets for New York assist photographers with a variety of settings. The preset pack was created to bring life to your pictures.

The New York Mobile Presets pack includes several settings that allow you to make subtle temperature changes and other edits. With the New York presets, you can achieve the aesthetic look you've always desired for your travel images. With a few quick taps, you'll be able to achieve style and perfection.

This ideal collection of presets elevates the daily editing game to new heights. These presets are ideal for professional editing of cities, seascapes, lifestyle, fashion, food, fitness, and weddings.

The New York presets have been checked on a wide range of photographs and have been shown to be perfect for summer vacations, fashion, and lifestyle photography. These presets were created with an Instagram feed in mind, where you can have images taken in a variety of situations.  These presets will give you some cool-looking portraits, and you'll love how smooth and moody they are

Make these fashion and lifestyle shots for your Instagram feed look great. This collection of city style mobile presets will help you clean up your street and city photos by applying intense effects and clarity to your images. These New York City presets bring out the best of your New York photos by emphasising gorgeous and vivid colours. These presets add colour science to your images, neutralising greys and making them cleaner and more coherent. These packs are made especially for images taken in cities.

What does this preset do?

  • Filmic types with a lot of contrast have been applied to your images.

  • The use of exclusive colours enhances the vibrancy of the colours.

  • Low contrast and bright pastel colours can give your images a nostalgic feel.

Enhance the beauty of your New York pictures, which are full of glitz, youth, creativity, and craziness. These presets are ideal for adding style and consistency to your Instagram feed in a beautiful way. If you're a well-known blogger or influencer, you can use these presets to give your images a more modern and trendy look.

These high-quality mobile presets create beautiful colours and tones, making it easier to achieve stunning editing results for your New York pictures. All of the presets add lighting, superiority, and white balance to your pictures in different ways. You can modify exposure and temperature to achieve the desired results if you want to make adjustments.

Summary of what New York Lightroom Presets do:

Improve the look of your photos

By highlighting textures and incorporating the skin tones you want, you can achieve the luxurious look you want for your pictures.

Create pictures that are mysterious, fancy, and elegant.

Fill the feed with a blast of fresh frosty air.

Make your entire feed look good.

Light effects, softness, and elegance can all be added to your images.

Capture captivating images for every season and incorporate eye-catching effects and colours so no one can tell you edited them.

The New York Presets Collection:

Lightroom is compatible with this pack

It runs on both Android and iOS.

Multiple image formats are supported.

It is available for immediate download.

It comes with a step-by-step guide.

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